How to fix Sage 50 2020.1 Issues after Upgrade

Sage 50 is a  very popular accounting management software. It is famous accounting software. Sometimes Sage 50 generates some issues when you update to the latest version.

For these issues, some solutions are listed below and these issues may arise after updating. Usually, there are different types of errors generated in Sage but below are some main errors.

These errors can cause problems in the functioning of the Sage 50 2020. There can be many reasons for these errors but updating can be the reason for many errors.

The reasons can be the improper download of updated files or some of the files are missing. For these types of problems, here are the most effective solutions:-

Method 1-Disabling firewall during conversion

  1. Find the location of the most latest backup before the attempt of conversion
  • C:\Users\USERNAME*\Documents\Simply Accounting\Backups\CAN2020
  1. No need to disable firewall or antivirus temporarily during the conversion
  2. Bring back(restore) the file and change the same to a different location and change the file name(reduce)
  3. If the conversion fails then jump to next steps
  4. Change the location of the file
  5. Now check whether its conversion is successful or not
  6. If the conversion process has failed then check for the following facts:-
  • The user profile must be admin or local
  • If it is on a domain then you have to create another local user and then try again


Method 2- Save the most recent backup and change the file name

  1. Find the location of the most recent backup before conversion attempt
  • C:\Users\USERNAME*\Documents\Simply Accounting\Backups\CAN2020
  • You can see two backup files



  • the date/time will be the period when the conversion was attempted
  1. Now search the file without the underscore (this need to fully converted to 2020.1)
  2. Try to open the file (use the .SAI file)
  3. If the steps become successful save as and save the file to its original place or location and change file name

If the problem related to conversion and display then follow the following steps:-

  • First and the main  step is to close the Sage 50
  • Now try to find the most recent.CAB  backup file
  • A new backup file should be found out by you.
  • If no backup file is seen then there is a need to copy the SAJ folder and SAI file.
  • Now you can open the sage 50 file.
  • For converting the SAI file again you will need to select or open the SAI copy or original.
  • Now remove the check present on the conversion screen “automatically create the backup copy” and press start to initiate the conversion.

If you are still not able to fix this error or you got stuck in these above steps then get the latest and the best solutions by calling the Sage 50 technical support number 1-833-200-4456.

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