How to Use Sage 50 with a VPN

You can use a large variety of tools provided by Sage according to your ease. You can understand how to use sage VPN by reading the following blog. The steps mentioned below can be used easily but first, read the following steps which you need to make sure:

  1. You will need a multi-user license for working with the Sage.
  2. A good internet connection is necessary for most of the choices.
  3. It is not advised to use Sage in the wireless network.

First option- Virtual Private Network

  1. It is possible that Sage can work on VPN, but not really suggested to work on it due to many issues.
  2. In any VPN set up or troubleshooting, Sage cannot provide the help.
  3. At VPN surrounding it is possible that Sage may not work.

Second option- Backup Transfer

  1. A backup can be made at any location, after making you can directly transfer it to the required location and then restore it.
  2. The transactions mentioned at any location would be overwritten when you restore a backup.

Third option- A cloud-based hosted solution

  1. Your data can be hosted in a secured cloud-based technology by any third parties.
  2. The support is not provided by sage for any particular company but you can search for hosted cloud peachtree.

Fourth option- Remote desktop solutions

  1. The remote desktop solutions are needed to work with sage.
  2. No support for managing any remote desktop tech. is provided.
  3. If someone is using sage in the remote desktop , then it is not required to install sage in the remote computer, it should be installed only in the office computer.

Fifth option- Virtual surroundings

  1. It is not recommendable to use the sage accounting in any of the virtualization solutions.
  2. You might notice a sudden loss in data or corruption

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